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Alteration or loss of the p53 tumor suppressor gene is the most frequent lesion detected in cancer. In normal cells, the p53 protein plays a critical role in the regulation of cell proliferation, serving as a checkpoint function to monitor DNA damage and to arrest cell division prior to replication. The biochemical activity of p53 that is required for this relies on its ability to bind to specific DNA sequences and to function as a transcription factor. Our laboratory is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms by which p53 functions as a transcription factor and by which cells regulate p53 transcriptional activity. In this regard, our research has focused on the following 3 areas: 1) understanding molecular interplay between p53 and a cell cycle protein TAF1; 2) characterizing regulation of p53 by B56 gamma-specific PP2A; and 3) defining crosstalk between p53 and the PTEN tumor suppressor pathways.


  • Current Professional & Student Researchers

Postdoctoral Fellows
Yumiko Nobumori
Joy Lin
Dawei Gou 

Ph.D. and M.D. Students
Selene Bobadilla
Lily Maxham
Carina Edmonson
Tiffany Seto

                    Jacob Schrier
                    Thomas Benedict 
  • Former Lab Members

Hilary Sheppard
Ying Nie
Siska Corneillie
Gang Wei
Sang Kyu Lee
Yong Wu
Jun Xing
Heng-Hong Li
Andrew Li
Landon Piluso
Xin Cai
Geoffrey Shouse
Heather Zhou
Brian Gadd
Hanna Myllykangas
Katherine Willcox
Piotr Podlesny
Barbara Fragoso
Andrew Whale
Michael Panowicz


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