Biochemistry Department

Graduate Program Facilities

Students enrolled in UCR’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Program have access to extremely well-equipped facilities for their research. The Biochemistry Department is located in Boyce Hall, a five-story research building, with additional facilities on other parts of the campus. Boyce Hall is centrally located with respect to other science departments. Because UCR maintains a high-powered research environment, but is intermediate in size, most special facilities may be utilized directly by graduate students after a brief training session. Thus, graduate students at UCR have an extra opportunity to get hands-on experience in many advanced techniques. Standard equipment (e.g. refrigerated centrifuges, spectrophotometers, pH meters, balances, etc.) is available in each faculty laboratory. Five walk-in cold rooms at 4°C, a complete vivarium, plant growth chambers, and an X-Ray synchrotron, among other specialized facilities, are available within the Department of Biochemistry. Additionally, college-wide facilities for analytical chemistry, bioinformatics, plant cell biology, advanced microscopy and microanalysis, genomics, microscopy and imaging, plant transformation, and proteomics can be accessed by graduate students with permission from their respective departments. 

Examples of equipment available across campus:
  • Fermenters for growth of bacteria and bacteriophage
  • Freezers for -70C storage
  • Recombinant protein growth facility
  • Video imaging system
  • High performance liquid chromatography systems
  • Large capacity autoclaves
  • Laser dynamic light scattering particle analyzer
  • Microprocessor-controlled spectrophotometers
  • Preparative ultracentrifuges
  • Scintillation counters
  • Spectrofluorometers
  • Stopped-flow spectrophotometer for pre-steady state kinetics
  • Interactive color graphics systems for molecular modeling
  • Protein microsequencer
  • PCR reaction processors

Li Fan X-Ray

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Orbach Science Library

The four-story Science Library was dedicated in October 1998. It is located in the "science precinct" of the campus immediately adjacent to Boyce Hall. This new library consolidates the campus' science information resources. The 106,000 square foot building includes 1,500 reader stations and computer stations where users can search the library's own catalog as well as hundreds of computerized databases and online information sources. The library features state-of-the-art technology including flexibility of wiring to accommodate current and future technologies, access to a variety of electronic information sources, and an electronic map collection. The new Science Library holds some 500,000 volumes covering the broad scope of the sciences, from agricultural science to zoology and subscribes to » 3,800 journals. It supports the study of some 3,300 students in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and 500 students in the College of Engineering, as well as faculty researchers and public library users.

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