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Welcome to the Biochemistry Department Website. Our Department is the administrative home to 17 faculty members, approximately 60 graduate students (both Ph.D. and M.S. programs), 800 undergraduate Biochemistry majors, 11 postdoctoral fellows, and 25 support staff. Our major mission is to engage in basic biochemical and molecular biological research and instruction.

The faculty of the Department is responsible for presentation of the undergraduate major in Biochemistry, which has three emphases: Biology, Chemistry, and Medical Sciences.   The faculty of the department, in collaboration with 28 Cooperating Faculty in five other departments, constitutes the Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology which is responsible for presentation of the Ph.D. and M.S. programs. Areas of research specialization represented within the Biochemistry Department and the Graduate Program span contemporary biochemistry  and include the following areas of concentration: molecular biology, physical biochemistry, molecular endocrinology, plant biochemistry & molecular biology, signal transduction, macromolecular chrystolography, and biomedical research.

Biochemistry is a diverse discipline, and a bachelor's degree in it allows entry into fields such as biotechnology, cell biology, and the health professions. The Department of Biochemistry offers a B.S. or B.A. degree and students can choose one of three emphases - Biology, Chemistry, and Medical Sciences -- to meet their academic and career goals.

  • Faculty in Biochemistry have highly active research programs in basic biochemistry on subjects that cut across the disciplines of biomedical sciences, chemistry, plant sciences, molecular biology, and structural biology.
  • The large undergraduate program with over 800 majors that provide each student with an individual faculty advisor.  Rigorous upper-division laboratory requirements and individual research opportunities are key factors in students' success. Biochemistry undergraduate courses also contribute to other programs at UCR, notably the majors in Biological Sciences, Biology, and Engineering.
  • The graduate program in Biochemistry (34 Ph.D. and 47 M.S. candidates) is not only the principal source of graduate students for department faculty, but also provides excellent M.S. and Ph.D. students for faculty across the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, in Engineering, and in Biomedical Sciences. About one quarter of Biochemistry's Ph.D. students conduct research in other departments.
Biochemistry Publications

Biochemistry Seminar Series

Fall 2015 Tuesdays 12:10-1:00 p.m. Genomics 1102A

September 29

Yilin Hu, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, UC Irvine

“Function of NifB in nitrogenase M-cluster assembly”
October 6

Dave Britt, Professor, Department of Chemistry, UC Davis

“Mechanisms of Solar Fuel Reactions as Probed by Advanced EPR Spectroscopy"
October 13

Hideyuki Hayashi; Department of Chemistry, Osaka Medical College, Osaka, Japan

“Strain, ligand interaction, and catalysis in aspartate aminotransferase”
October 20

Michael Dunn, Department of Biochemistry, UC Riverside

“Tryptophan Synthase: a Paradigm for Substrate Channeling, Allostery, and Chemical Catalysis”
October 27 Jan Kern, Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA) and Linac Coherent Light Source , Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (Menlo Park, CA)  Toward Molecular Movies of Metalloenzyme Catalysis Using fs X-ray Pulses – Studies on Photosystem II at LCLS
November 3

Li Fan, Department of Biochemistry, UC Riverside

“To understand the molecular mechanism of fundamental biological processes: from protein structure to function”
November 10

Tom Poulos, Chancellor’s Professor, Departments of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Chemistry, UC Irvine

 “Structural Insights into Protein Redox Complexes: Simple and Complex”
November 17 Alex McPherson, Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, UC Irvine  Structure of a Small Icosahedral Virus: Whither the RNA
November 24

Kathryn McGovern, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Student, Department of Biochemistry, UC Riverside

Influences of T cell migration behavior in the inflamed brain
December 1

Venugopala Reddy Gonehal, Associate Professor, Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside

“To fire or not? Threshold dependent transcriptional regulation in stem cell maintenance”

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