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Paul Larsen

Dr. Paul Larsen

Paul B. Larsen
Professor of Biochemistry and Biochemist


Molecular Biology
Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Signal Transduction

Larsen Research Group

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Selected Publications
  • Larsen, P. B. and Woodson, W. R. (1991). Cloning and nucleotide sequencing of a S-adenosyl methionine synthetase cDNA from carnation. Plant Physiology 96:997-999.
  • Woodson, W. R., Park, K. Y., Drory, A., Larsen, P. B., and Wang, H. (1992).Expression of ethylene biosynthetic pathway transcripts in senescing carnation flowers. Plant Physiology 99:526-532.
  • Woltering, E. J., Ten Have, A., Larsen, P. B., and Woodson, W. R. (1994). Ethylene biosynthetic genes and inter-organ signalling during flower senescence. In: Molecular and cellular aspects of plant reproduction. eds. R. J. Scott and A. D. Stead. Society for Experimental Biology: Seminar Series 55. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK. pp.285-308.
  • Larsen, P. B. , Woltering, E. J., and Woodson, W.R. (1993). Ethylene and interorgan signaling in flowers following pollination. In: Plant signals in interactions with other organisms. eds. J. C. Schultz and I. Raskin. American Society of Plant Physiologists, Rockville, MD, pp 112-122.
  • Larsen, P. B., Ashworth, E. N., Jones, M. L., and Woodson, W. R. (1995). Pollination-Induced Ethylene in Carnation: Role of pollen tube growth and sexual compatibility. Plant Physiology 108:1405-1412.
  • Jones, M. L., Larsen, P. B., and Woodson, W. R. (1995) Ethylene-regulated expression of a carnation cysteine proteinase during flower petal senescence. Plant Molecular Biology 28:505-512.
  • Larsen, P. B., Tai, C-Y, Howell, S. H., and Kochian, L. V. (1996). Arabidopsis mutants with increased sensitivity to aluminum. Plant Physiology 110:743-751.
  • Larsen, P. B., Kochian, L. V., and Howell, S. H. (1997) Al inhibits both shoot development and root growth in als3, an Al-sensitive Arabidopsis mutant. Plant Physiology 114:1207-1214.
  • Larsen, P. B., Stenzler, L. M., Tai, C.-Y., Howell, S. H., and Kochian, L. V. (1997) Molecular and physiological analysis of Arabidopsis mutants exhibiting altered sensitivities to aluminum. Plant and Soil 192:3-7.
  • Clark, K. L., Larsen, P. B., Wang, X., and Chang, C. (1998). Association of the Arabidopsis CTR1 Raf-like kinase with the ETR1 and ERS ethylene receptors. PNAS USA 95:5401-5406.
  • Larsen, P. B., Degenhardt, J., Tai, C.-Y., Stenzler, L. M., Howell, S. H., and Kochian, L. V. (1998) Aluminum-resistant Arabidopsis mutants that exhibit altered patterns of aluminum accumulation and organic acid release from roots. Plant Physiology 117:9-17.
  • Degenhardt, J., Larsen, P. B., Howell, S. H., and Kochian, L. V. (1998) Aluminum resistance in the Arabidopsis mutant alr-104 is caused by an aluminum-induced increase in rhizosphere pH. Plant Physiology 117:19-27.
  • Pence, N. S.*, Larsen, P.B.*, Ebbs, S. D., Letham D.L., Lasat, M.M., Garvin, D. F., Eide, D., and Kochian, L. V. (2000) The molecular physiology of heavy metal transport in the Zn/Cd hyperaccumulator Thlaspi caerulescens. PNAS USA 97:4956-4960. (* indicates co-first authors)
  • Larsen, P.B., and Chang, C. Arabidopsis EER1 is a negative regulator of ethylene responses in the hypocotyl and stem. (submitted).

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