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Undergraduate Research Opportunities



UC Riverside’s commitment to increasing academic and professional diversity is evident in its wide berth of supportive programs for minorities and economically disadvantaged students. Incoming and current undergraduates are highly encouraged to apply to these programs, which offer both opportunities to enrich their academic and professional experience, and funding to increase students’ freedom to focus on their major. Interested students should note and prepare for application dates, and contact the respective program coordinators for more information.

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(Maximizing Access to Research Careers—Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research)

This NIH-supported program extending stipends to underrepresented students interested in biomedical research, allowing them to conduct and present their research, as well as participate in activities aimed toward increasing recruitment into PhD research programs. A summer Pre-Trainee program is available to sophomores and juniors, and a 2-year Training Program is available to Junior and Senior students.

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(Research in Science and Engineering)

A ten-week summer research program, RISE facilitates research experience for CNAS students in a mentor’s laboratory, with paid stipends for successful participants. It provides experience sharing research at the RISE Symposium at the conclusion of the program. Students may be enlisted into one of three comprising programs—

  • CNAS Scholars Fellows extends opportunities to incoming sophomores who have successfully completed the Freshman Learning Communities program.
  • STEM Pathway Project is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education, and extends to STEM students who are either Hispanic or low-income, and have filed their Statement of Intent to Register at UCR. It hosts the Summer Bridge to Research program, a ten-week research experience for first-time community college transfer students.
  • Dynamic Genome is funded by the USDA and HHMI grants, with funds matched by UCR. It is available to students who have enrolled in BIOL 20 through CNAS Freshman Scholars Learning Communities, and involves original citrus research and introduction to science careers, including business relating to marketing science.

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(California Alliance for Minority Participation)

Part of a federal alliance of nationwide programs, this NSF-funded program is dedicated to retaining minority undergraduates into graduate studies through faculty-mentored research experience, professional development and support services, such as tutoring. Financial support, GRE preparation, and networking opportunities are also offered.

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(The UC Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees)

Economically disadvantaged undergraduates in STEM majors dedicated to pursuing a PhD are eligible to join this program prior to their junior year. Eligible candidates will receive a stipend for a summer research experience at UC Riverside for the first year, and another UC campus for the second year. Additionally, they will gain experience presenting research at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, travel support to attend and participate at professional and scientific society meetings, as well as campus enrichment opportunities. A minimum 3.2 g.p.a. is required for admission.

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(Medical Scholars Program)

Funded by the UC Riverside Medical School, as well as several prominent medical centers and private sponsors, this program is offered to students of all majors who show strong interest in the medical field, including research. First-generation college students, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and those who show commitment to helping underserved communities are strongly encouraged to apply. Opportunities include an eight-week paid summer research internship, part-time academic year research programs, and travel support for research presentations.

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Undergraduate Research Journal and Symposium

Student Success Programs sponsors two annual programs for undergraduates to present their research to their peers and the community. The Undergraduate Research Journal provides an opportunity for students to experience either the writing and revision side of producing research papers or the editing, review, and publishing aspect of working in a peer-reviewed journal. Chosen papers are published in the journal, which can be accessed online at The Undergraduate Research Symposium allows students the chance to explain and defend their research in poster presentations that are open to the community.

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Chancellor’s Research Fellowship

Students involved in faculty-mentored research are eligible to apply for the Chancellor’s Research Fellowship, which provides up to $5000 for materials, supplies, and travel related to the selected undergraduates’ research projects. The program continues from the beginning of July to the end of June of the same academic year. 

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The Leland M. Shannon Award

Dr. Leland Shannon was an instructor at the Experiment Station for thirteen years until joining the UCR Department of Biochemistry in 1967. He made significant strides in plant biochemistry, and wrote a series of classic papers on peroxidase structure and kinetics that is still cited today. In addition to his role in implementing new Federal regulations for human and animal subject protection, he served as Dean of the Graduate Division and Research, where he served until his death in 1991. His legacy includes increasing graduate programs and support at UCR, his personal devotion to the UCR campus and its students, and, distinguishably, his infectious enthusiasm for science and teaching. The scholarship fund was established in 1992 by Mrs. Margaret Shannon in her husband's memory. Exceptional Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory students are eligible for this award in the year they enrolled in the course, which includes a cash prize. Application requests are sent out in mid-May by the course instructors.




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