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Financial Support



The Biochemistry Department provides financial support to all full-time students making satisfactory progress towards the PhD degree during the academic year and the summer months.This support is typically in the form of first year fellowships, teaching assistant appointments, and Graduate Student Researcher positions. 

Students who submit a competitive application for admission are automatically considered for financial support, which typically includes student fees and tuition, a stipend or salary, and health insurance. 

Domestic applicants from outside California are automatically considered for nonresident tuition fellowships as part of the financial support package. If qualified, these students are given one academic year on non-resident tuition, and are required to establish California residency during this time.

 Applications for admissions must be submitted by January 5th  to be eligible for financial support the following fall quarter.

No fellowship support is available for MS applicants. You may be eligible for federal student aid program, so please be sure to complete the FAFSA form and check with the UCR Financial Aid Office. Also be sure to check the Graduate Divisions site to view opportunities for alternate graduate student funding



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