A bachelor's degree in biochemistry at UC Riverside allows three emphases depending on the professional or academic goals of the individual student—biology, chemistry, and medical sciences. Both B.A. and B.S. degrees can be achieved for this major. Our students benefit from substantial financial backing, with 85% of our undergraduates receiving some financial aid, and 70% receiving full fee coverage through grants and scholarships. Additionally, many undergraduates are involved in various on-campus research opportunities.

Research within the department spans fields from molecular biology, physical biochemistry, molecular endocrinology, plant biochemistry & molecular biology, signal transduction, and biomedical research. In addition to the option of conducting interdisciplinary research with cooperating faculty, the recent addition of the School of Medicine allows more opportunities than ever for students to further their laboratory and research knowledge while pursuing their bachelor's degree. Students completing their degree can expect a solid foundation for those interested in pursuing professional degrees in the health sciences, graduate school in the sciences, or alternative science careers.

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