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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Program

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Program, which confers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, prepares graduate students for a career in science by expanding knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology, and by developing the student's abilities in critical thought and creativity. The academic program emphasizes an in-depth study of the field with considerable flexibility to individually tailor course selection with regard to academic interests and area of specialization in the student's field of research.

A diversity of research programs is available for students. Areas of research specialization include molecular biology, physical biochemistry, molecular endocrinology, plant biochemistry and molecular biology, signal transduction, and biomedical research. Each program bestows a strong preparation for an academic research and teaching career, or a biochemical research career at both the pure and applied levels in private, governmental or industrial laboratories.

Undergraduate Preparation

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree in physical, chemical, biological, or agricultural sciences at an accredited college or university are eligible to apply.

Students should prepare with the following courses prior to beginning graduate study in biochemistry:

  • one year of calculus
  • one year of general physics
  • one year of organic chemistry
  • an introductory course in physical chemistry
  • at least two courses in biology at the upper division level
  • one course in genetics

If physical chemistry has not been completed before entering the program, students should plan to make it up soon after entering graduate school.


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