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Presented below is the Biochemistry Department's current information pertaining to individuals who have received the Ph.D. degree from the UCR Biochemistry and Molecular Biology graduate program in the last 5 years.

Alumni Advisor Degree Date Dissertation Title
Kevin Orton Jolinda Traugh June 2000 Phosphorylation Of Mnk1 And Translation Initiation Factors By Gamma-Pak
Melissa Leuenberger-Fisher Michael Dunn Sept. 2000 The Insulin Hexamer: A Physical-Biochemical Characterization Of Ligand Binding, Allosteric Transitions And Electron Transfer
Zhongdong Huang Jolinda Traugh Sept. 2000 Characterization Of P21g Protein Activated Protein Kinase Gamma-Pak In Mammalian Cells
Holly Huffman Michael Dunn Sept. 2000 The 20s Proteasome From Thermoplasma Acidophilum: Insight On The Catalytic Mechanism For Scission In A Barrel
Qijing Li Manuela Martins-Green March 2002 Molecular Mechansisms Of Chemokine Gene Regulation In Stress Response And Development Of A Three-Dimensional Model System For Studies Of Chemokine-Induced Angiogenesis
Oscar Hur Michael Dunn June 2002 A Study Of The Proton Chemistry And Allosteric Mechanism In Tryptophan Synthase Enzymatic Catalysis
Yuan Yuan Michael Stemerman June 2002 Cholesterol Induced Vascular Endothelial Activation
Robert Richards Stephan Wilkens August 2002 The Membrane Millera Of The Archaeon, Thermoplasma Acidophilum: A Dynamic And Multi-Level Study Of The Membrane Proteom
Michael Ruse Frances Sladek August 2002 Determinants Of Cofactor Recruitment And Transcriptional Activity For Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor Four Alpha (HNF4alpha)
Myong Chul Koag Timothy Close Dec. 2002 The Lipid Binding Activity Of Maize Dehydrin 1
Yu Jung Kim Peter Atkinson Dec. 2002 Structure And Functional Analysis Of The Hobo Transposable Element From Drosophila Melanogaster
Brett Holmquist Helen Henry March 2003 Analysis Of The Mechanism Of 1alpha,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Mediated Repression Of The Gene Expression Of The Endogenous Inhibitor Of Camp-Dependent Protein Kinase
Craig Bula Anthony Norman Dec. 2003 Molecular Mechanism For Transcriptional Activation By The Vitamin D Nuclear Receptor: Selective Mutagenesis To Define Ligand Hydrogen-Bond Specificity, Conformational Stability And Antagonism
Eugene Moore Mike Adams Dec. 2003 A Biochemical And Molecular Analysis Of Venom With Distinct Physiological Actions From Two Arthropod Sources: The Parasitoid Jewel Wasp, Ampullex Compressa, Of The Order Hymenoptera
Jin-Hun Jung Jolinda Traugh March 2004 Molecular Studies On The Effects Of Phosphorylation By P21-Activated Protein Kinase Pak2 On Protein Kinase Activation And Protein Interactions.
Shannon Wilson Craig Byus August 2004 Ornithine Decarboxylase Over Expression And Intracellular Putrescine Accumulation Lead To Altered Gene Expression In Human Cell Cultures
Rodney Harris Michael Dunn August 2004 A Study Of Allosteric Mechanisms Involved In The Regulation Of Substrate Channeling In Tryptophan Synthase
Mathew Mizwicki Anthony Norman August 2004 New Insights Into The Intermolecular And Intramolecular Interactions Propagating 1alpha,25(OH)2-Vitamin D3 Transport And Genomic And Non-Genomic Cellular Signaling: Development And Functional Validation Of The VDR Conformational Ensemble Model
Gang Li Xuan Liu Dec. 2004 Functional Interactions Between P53, TAF1, And PTEN And Molecular Mechanisms By Which They Regulate Cell Growth.
Rosaleen Gibbons Achilles Dugaiczyk June 2005 Phylogenetic Roots of Alu-Mediated Rearrangements Leading to Cancer and Distinguishing Humans from Great Apes with AluYb8 Repeats.

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